Alyssa Rose

Escort (Female), Fetish, Massage (Female)

Based in Vancouver

Curvy & Captivating Sultry Sweetheart
If you want a lady who will leave you with lasting memories, then look no further! I am a clever and captivating all-natural beauty with a love for intimacy and adventure. My playful spirit is complimented by my vibrant, passionate energy and down to earth charm. I may seem like your sweet, innocent girl next door, but be warned I also have a wild, mischievous streak and a rather insatiable craving or two! Besides my alluring physique and charming disposition, you will notice my bright, bubbly and playful personality and love of laughter. I love to tempt not only the physical senses, but the mind as well for a completely arousing sensual experience. My tender touch, soft curves and coy smile will have you week on your knees and tingling down to your toes. As a highly educated and well-traveled lady versed in science, arts and world issues, I enjoy building chemistry while indulging in rich conversations and dinner dates, as well as more encounters.
  • Caucasian Female aged 25 and Toned 34C
  • 5'3 tall Platinum Wavy, Long, hair.
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