Ashley Taylor
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Based in Toronto

Authentic Sweetheart
I Truly Am The Girl Next Door ..The Girl You Shamelessly Flirt With At The Bar, Chat With At The Gym, Maybe Admired From Behind As I Await My Coffee Order.. I'm Definitely The Confident One Who Managed To Turn Your Head As I Walked By. I am an Authentic Sweetheart, with a personality thats primed to keep you feeling at ease. I crave genuine, organic connections where I can truly get to know those I spend my time with. Free From Heavy Makeup, Extensions or Body Modifications/Enhancements .... A Natural Beauty Always With Love, -Ashley-
  • Canadian Female aged 27 and Toned (34B) Body Type.
  • 5'5 tall Blonde Wavy Long hair.
  • Doesn’t like Piercings, Interested in Men, Women, Couples, Trans, Groups/Parties, Differently-abled,
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