Ella Jardin

Based in Vancouver

Tall Slender African Beauty
Call me Ella, your enchanting sweetheart and confidante. A seeker of delightful experiences and the sweet, small pleasures of life. Youa€™ll come to find that Ia€™m an exciting combination of many things, put into a few words; an ardent conversationalist, a breath of fresh air, an erudite, and a lover of basking in precious moments. Ia€™ve also been described as having a sweet, gentle accent that could prove difficult to identify until getting to know me better. But that adds a tad bit to the charm, doesna€™t it? Is it the alluring silhouette of my long gorgeous legs, sweet toned body and soft sultry skin that enthralls you? Or shall I say, all of it and more? You crave a sensual escape and conversations that last so long we almost forget how time has passed by. You seek the company of one who not only cherishes you but loves to revel in intimate, unforgettable moments with you. Ia€™d like to welcome you to take a glimpse into my world of never-ending seduction, new experiences and indulgent adventures. Why don't you go ahead and send me that sweet note where you pour out your fondest desires, then leave the rest to me. Leta€™s relax, unwind and create timeless moments together.
  • Black Ebony Female aged 25 and Slender 34B
  • 5'11 tall Black Wavy Medium hair.
Contact the model on the following information. Make sure to mention about Joee on the call.
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