Escort (Female), Fetish

Based in Toronto

Connective, Playful, Tattooed Escort
Well hey there, future lover. Kick off your shoes and step into my world for a while. You deserve a spark in your week. /// My name is Emma and I’m a passionate companion based in the bustling, diverse city of Toronto. I thrive in unconventional human connection and it’s my pleasure to share that with you! I craft a judgement-free space where you can let go and be yourself, or float away in a fantasy with me. Time with me feels comfortable, exciting, and exhilarating. I enjoy the company of both extroverts and introverts, and the ease of connecting at whatever pace feels best in the moment. I'm also very good at taking the lead! People of any sex, gender, race, ethnicity, or abilities are welcome. // Take a look at my personal website to dive even deeper into who I am and the various packages available — And when you're ready, reach out so we can set a date! I look forward to discussing ideas and creating magical memories together.
  • Caucasian Female aged 30 and Curvy 32C
  • 5'5 tall Redhead Wavy Medium hair.
Contact me via my website’s booking form or by email. Questions? Try checking out my website’s FAQ beforehand.
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