Giselle Mille

Escort (Female)

Based in Montreal

Making connections more human. More real.
Easily seduced around food, I love a good meal, a flavorful evening with lots of food and different tastes. My mouth is sensitive to all delicacies. I close my eyes when I eat delicious food, savouring with a smile, just like when I pose my lips on your virility, enjoying a full bite… My smooth skin only asks for your attention. You will absolutely fall for my mischievous smile, and my fine sense of humor will charm the silly kid in you. I treat my body with the utmost respect so your hands will feel spoiled rotten when being curious. After all, my educational background is in health and fitness and my physique and habits reflect just that. It’s a subject I devour with unceasing interest. We could say I was made to work in physical-related fields! Never tasteless, I always present myself in an unadorned and elegant way that also shows my natural look and graceful manners. Whether I choose to wear a form-fitting pair of jeans or a chic ensemble, seductive lingerie and heels are always part of the deal. We’ll find ourselves together because we are sharing an authentic quest of playful collusions, unpretentious affairs of pure simplicity, because I am easy going, and I’m sure you are too, and what we want to live isn’t complicated. I have no doubt that we’ll become comfortable together within a few laughs and stories, which will make our next type of conversation even more fun… There are a lot of possibilities to imagine, I know your mind is boiling right now! So, tell me about your ideal date!
  • Caucasian Female aged 31 and Toned 32DD
  • 5'6 tall Brunette Straight Medium hair.
Contact the model on the following information. Make sure to mention about Joee on the call.
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