Kismet Charlatan
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Escort (Female), Massage (Female)

Based in Toronto

The Modern Muse
Girl-next-door charms, and a luring mind. Helpless to wanderlust, open skies, romance and frivolous mischief. A frequent guest to The Mad Hatters table. Hedonism is my status quo. I encourage self-indulgence of all my encounters whether you seek pleasure from bestowing extravagances, or an impassioned moment of curated coquetting. I have the striking character of a precocious and rebellious school girl. I am passionately curious and compelling when intrigued. Unwaveringly sincere and dazzlingly candid. I've been described as incorrigible in the most flattering sense of the word. Autodidactic by nature, I strive to take something new away from each unique experience. Because of this I have lived life with abandon, always on the hunt for fresh exciting marvels. Most of all, I hope to always be privileged to say, I never shy away from living. I enjoy motivating and motivated souls. Intellectual stimulation is my preferred social intercourse lubricant. There is nothing sexier than a man who can teach without being patronizing. Quality time, acts of service and receiving gifts are my love languages I love to put on a show and be performative while coaxing gratification. I am a mindful and perceptive companion, who gets off on pushing you to the limits of pleasure. Master manipulator of the sense organ. Experience your flesh like a Cardinal Sin. I am your own covert professional of eroticism. The very personification of your dirty little secrets. A dungeon trained submissive with switch tendencies. Deviously sweet with an incorrigible bratty streak. Practitioner of free love at a worthy price.
  • Black Ebony Female aged 25 and Slender 32A
  • 5'5 tall Black Long, hair.
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