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My name is Meghan Monroe. Ia€™m a university student in my early twenties who is a passionate hedonist. I mean it. Ia€™m obsessed with pleasure; yours and mine. I admire the wisdom, and experience, that comes with age and prefer that my suitors are mature enough to educate me on all thingsa€¦erotic. Ia€™m happy to share what Ia€™ve learned as well, eager actually. If youa€™ll let me, Ia€™ll tell you all about my studies, both vanilla and salacious. If I talk too much, Ia€™m happy to be stopped in my tracks by a kiss or two, but I do want you to know that I am both beauty and brains. Well, therea€™s a bit of heart in there too. This is more than a physical interaction. Intimacy is, to me, more than our bodies intertwined. It is our minds connecting and the experiences we share beyond the sheets. I enjoy cooking with my suitors, debating about our favourite sports teams, and traveling with good company. I want to build a unique relationship that wea€™ll both cherish, long after we both move on from this world. I want to know more about you, as Ia€™m sure you want to know more about me. But I cana€™t reveal everything on webpages. Youa€™ll have to meet me, I suppose. With love, o“œo“¼. o“œo“¸o“·o“»o“¸o“®
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