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Based in Toronto

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Please allow me to initiate the conversation so I may acquaint myself. You can call me Amelia and I am pleased to meet you, soon enough. First of all, it is in good taste that you have found me and are seeking to learn more, which leaves much to be desired about you. My soft and sweet nature enables you to feel an immediate sense of chemistry. I am uncomplicated and without judgment. Tranquility comes with ease in my presence and allows our chemistry to reveal itself. I have a flair for laughing and I have been known for dissolving into amusing laughter.Well-traveled and love sharing stories. Always drawing up new whimsical places to experience because I am happiest when I have a lot to look forward to. I keep a low profile, and not the type to engage in excessive behaviour. I have plenty of life experiences and I feel at peace with my life. This allows me to feel ultimately prepared and curious to meet you. If you made it this far I already cana€™t wait to meet you! The value of spending time in the right company intellectually is not to be underestimated; it translates to a life well spent. I am happy you found me at my best, be sure you always keep me that way, and I will always cherish you in the highest regard.
  • French Female aged 27 and Hour Glass (30D) Body Type.
  • 4'11 tall Brunette Straight Long hair.
  • Doesn’t like Piercings, Interested in Men, Women, Couples, Trans, Groups/Parties, Differently-abled,
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